What is LASER4SURF about?

European researchers are exploring how using laser structuring can alter and improve the properties or performance of metals.

Three use cases will demonstrate how tiny changes in nano dimensions will improve the performance of batteries, linear encoders used in production lines and medical implants.



Medical Components

Very small, very predictable corrugations in a prosthetics pin can help boost the way cells interact and bind together.

The better adhesion attained means a quicker recovery in the patient and subsequent benefits such as less money spent in aftercare or rehabilitation.

Better healing

Very small corrugations in a prosthetics pin can help boost the way cells interact and bind together. A quicker recovery in the patient has subsequent benefits such cost savings in aftercare or rehabilitation.

Advanced Batteries

Up to now, the cycle life and safety of Li-ion batteries have been mainly correlated with the electrode material.

LASER4SURF will unveil the influence of the current collector surface on preventing overheating and improving cycle life by up to 30%.

Bringing e-mobility forward

In a world increasingly looking to electric vehicles and ways to create a new energy transition, this application has considerable interest for greater application.

Linear Encoders

Linear encoders provide direct position feedback to various machine tool and automation systems. 

Working in a linear format allows extreme length position measurement and control — critical for machine tool accuracy and production of precision large-scale parts.

GPS for machine tools

Working in a very dusty environment and subjected to high mechanical vibrations the encoders developed within Laser4Surf have the ability to maintain a very high accuracy.

Laser Technology

Lasers with femtosecond pulses – a beam every one quadrillionth of a second – create precision patterns in micron dimensions on metal surfaces.

The created textures give new functionalities, like anti-condensation, hydrophobicity, lubrication, enhanced or reduced adhesion or even anti-bacterial properties to products.