Laser4Surf Final Conference

This is the record of the Laser4Surf Final Conference which took place on 25th March 2021. Due to the Corona Pandemic the conference was hold online.

0:00:30 LIPSS Technology and Challenges for Industrial Application (Ceit)/Final project video/Yago Olaizola*

LASER4SURF Approach for Addressing the Challenges     

0:09:30 Beam Shaping and Polarization Control (Multitel)/Dr. Yves Hernandez

0:26:58 Parameter Selection Tool (Ceit)/Dr. Aldara Pan

0:39:23 LIPSS Monitoring (IRIS)/Dr. Laurent Philippet

0:52:10 Full LASER4SURF Prototype (Lasea)/Dr. David Bruneel


1:09:28 Application of LIPSS in Medical Implants (Rescoll)/Marilys Blanchy

1:30:23 Application of LIPSS in Optical Encoders (Fagor Automation-Aotek)/Dr. Jose Luis de la Peña

1:46:50 Application of LIPSS in Batteries (CICe-CEGASA)/Dr. Elena Gonzalo


2:06:21 New Opportunities for LIPSS Technology (Ceit)/Dr. Mikel Gómez-Aranzadi

2:24:35 Closing Remarks/Yago Olaizola

*Yago Olaizola from Ceit replaced the Coordinator Ainara Rodriguez at short notice.

Due to technical problems, the final conference did not record the first part of the introductory presentation by Yago Olaizola. We therefore replaced his talk with the final project video.