Final Digital Conference: Bringing LIPSS to the Market – March 25

Presenting the key results of the EU-funded Laser4Surf project on the application of Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structures (LIPSS)

About this Event

Scientists from CEIT (Spain), LASEA (Belgium), MULTITEL (Belgium) and IRIS (Spain) will present the online demonstration of the new ultra short pulse laser prototype that can produce high-quality LIPSS on various metal surfaces, shapes and parameters.

In addition, three end-users have applied LIPSS on their products and will provide insights about their quality tests and comparison with other technologies. These include RESCOLL (France), who will report on their tests of LIPSS on medical implants, CIC energiGUNE (Spain) who have tested the technology on batteries and FAGOR Automation (Spain), who have developed a new generation of linear encoders featuring the engraved patterns.

Revelation of the Laser4Surf Prototype

Based on a technology invented by 2018 Nobel Prize winners Donna Strickland and Gérard Mourou, Laser4 Surf has now developed an all-in-one prototype to create LIPSS pattern for industrial applications. The actual machine will be presented as part of this event as a world’s exclusive.


Who should register?

The virtual event is aimed at engineers, scientists, product designers, manufacturers of metallic objects and anyone interested in understanding and learning how surface adaption can enhance and improve product characteristics.

How to access the event:

This conference will be hosted digitally using the Zoom platform. Delegates who have registered on this platform or on our website will receive the joining instructions a week before the event. We recommend installing the Zoom platform on to your device prior to the event as the app offers a better user experience with added functionality. You can do this by visiting